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Take the 1000 yen bus, or if going to or near one of the expensive tourist hotels, there is the orange limousine bus (though it’s the most expensive way). From Narita the Keisei and Narita Express are 2 popular trains used into Tokyo.

For using the latter, there is also a special discount round trip N’EX ticket (valid up to 14 days).

The summer high temps can go up to 38C (100F) or so, and the winter temps can be as low as -2 or 3°C in the southern half of the country.

It rarely snows any heavy amount except for the mountains, but the northern part usually has plenty of snow in the winter.

Some have very cheap international routes to Korea, Taiwan, China, and beyond.Usually the effects are sleeplessness at night or sleepiness during the day (even if you have a full night’s sleep), but may also include malaise, loss of appetite, dehydration, headaches, mild dizziness, or even nausea.Some may also have nosebleeds for a few days because of the bone-dry air on the aircraft.One of the best is the exit row behind the emergency door.This allows you to both stretch your legs and try and get some sleep.

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Then just pray you’re not seated next to a screaming baby or obviously sick person sneezing their virus all over you the whole way there. Japan’s rainy season is usually from June to mid-July, and the summers are extremely sticky and humid. Likewise typhoon season is mostly around August-Sept.