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Certainly, The Simpsons had some great moments, and Letterman too; early on, Steve Martin and Monty Python.But I've never seen such a sharp point to it like "Deep Thoughts." Every time one would come on, I would get excited.

” Nothing makes any sense anymore., is going out of business. The number of pages, and the size of the pages, had been getting smaller and smaller. What kind of a world is it where an informative, helpful magazine like X-ray storms force me to move into the lead-lined shelter.

They join forces in a desperate race to stop a fanatical clan of international warriors from taking its ultimate ...

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It's that feeling of "Oh, this is something new." And it's his real voice – that's actually Jack Handey reading the deep thoughts. I think of some of the best sketches we got to do, like "Shirtless Bible Salesman," which was written by Matt Piedmont; "Old Glory Insurance," which I wrote; "The Census Taker," with Chris Walken, which Tina Fey wrote, or another sketch about a morning show with David Alan Grier, where the prompter breaks down and they end up in a state of anarchy – that one's probably my favorite sketch I got to do on SNL. Maybe more than cousins – grandchildren of Jack Handey.

He wrote sketches, too, that have that same feeling of anything could happen, like "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer." I would always tell Lorne that you can create fans – deep, passionate fans – when you create those new kinds of sounds and new types of takes and humor. I feel like Hartman was Tom Handey, or Jack Handey's muse, in a way, because he had that perfect deadpan, solid, square-jawed American presentation.

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Think "Prairie Home Companion" with less nose whistling.

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