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Murals such as this are at odds with statistics showing that, despite American sanctions, and the American-led coup against a elected and popular prime minister, more Iranians feel positively about America than do Turks or Indians.

A man in southern Tehran, the working class region of the cty.

One tourist guide said westerners are scared away by the bloodcurdling rhetoric of a government which is completely out of touch with ordinary Iranians.The “Book of Kings” has been credited with helping preserve the Farsi language – one of the world’s oldest.The Book of Kings ends with the Arab invasion, depicted as a disaster for Persia.Many villagers are employed in a nearby fish farm, or are paid members of the Basij, whose remit includes prevention of “westoxification”, and the preservation of everything the 1979 islamic revolution and its leader the Ayatollah Khomeini stood for, including strict rules on female clothing and male/female interaction.A Kurdish man settles in for a night of guarding some roadworking machinery in the mountains near the Iran/Iraq border.

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The Shah was installed in power by a MI6 and CIA-backed coup after Prime Minister Mosaddeq nationalized the petroleum industry of Iran, thus shutting out British dominance of an industry they had controlled since 1913.

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