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Paper presented at Discourse-Communication-Conversation conference, University of Loughborough.

The online discussion thread as a discrete object of discourse analytic study. Paper presented at ECREA 3rd European Communication Conference, University of Hamburg.

I have become increasingly interested in the way that social media have transformed the relationship between celebrities and audiences, and my current work looks at the way these developments challenge the traditional star/fan dichotomy.

The use of media framing analysis to explore representations of voluntary childlessness. Paper presented as part of the symposium ‘With stars in their eyes: Investigating star-audience relations’, ECREA 2nd European Communication Conference, Barcelona. Parasocial interaction: current directions in theory and method. Paper presented at the inaugural conference of the BPS section Qualitative Methods in Psychology, University of Leeds. Narrative persuasion as a mechanism of framing effects: The mediating role of engagement with characters in crime news. Paper presented at ‘Celebrity: Critical Issues’ conference, Real Palacio Hotel, Lisbon. Poster presentation at the Lost in Story Worlds Symposium held at the Utrecht University, Netherlands. Celebrity transgressions: The cases of Paul Mc Cartney and Jonny Greenwood. Lost in a news story: The role of character engagement in persuasion through news narratives.

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(2007): Exploring media representations of voluntary childlessness.

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