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I wanna cam to cam wit sexy women

This is because so many of us can’t get their heads around getting so personal for money – let alone for the world to see – with some deeming getting sexual on camera to be ‘immoral’ despite using it as entertainment.

But Kitty is adamant that this view is incredibly reductive – explaining that so far, her experience with porn has been brilliant.

‘I strip tease a lot on cam, people enjoy the dancing.. Others I have formed a friendship with over the years and I will know exactly what they like.

I have a long-term customer who liked to be dominated and spoken to about it in great depth.’ While Kitty keeps many of her clients unaware of her real identity, she says she’s more open with long-term customers – even sharing her real name.

‘I tend to wear a t-shirt or a little skirt as you can’t be nude in the preview. ’ According to Kitty, her audience is predominantly male, though the cam sites she uses contain thousands of viewers – so it often depends on what she’s offering when it comes to who will view.

I will get a customer who wants me to dress up specifically in stockings so I will put them on before he takes me into a show. ‘I domme sometimes as there are submissive men who enjoy being humiliated. ‘Some will come, start a show, tell me to strip and leave after 3 minutes,’ explained Kitty.

My plans for porn are to make a career out of it while I can continue producing content that I enjoy creating and for others to enjoy watching.

‘I’m wanting to explore my own sexuality a little so if I get to shoot something I’m not familiar with, for example a new fetish, it’s all the more fun! ‘I’ve already found a lot about myself through webcamming alone.

I got a customer who enjoyed sploshing, which is food and mess play. It’s the good days to keep you going, and working helps me with that.’ Kitty added: ‘Camming for me is definitely a profession.

‘I got asked if I had any custard, which is a common thing that people rub onto their bodies to get the customer off. I ended up having to tell him to wait 5 minutes, blend some bananas, make a smoothie, get in the bath, and rub this smoothie on myself. I see myself as a brand and through that make lots of business decisions.’ Kitty’s recently decided to take her career a step further by dipping into the porn industry.

Of course, what with Kitty meeting all types of strangers on the internet, we just had to ask her about the strangest request she’d ever received from a customer.

She told us: ‘I think the strangest thing still to this day was when I first started.

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I made so many new friends and people I hope to work with. If you feel that porn will empower you and you will be confident doing it with the professionals then do it!

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