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I 9 updating and reverification

Employees need to give their full name any other names they’ve ever gone by (including a maiden one), and their address.

If they are a border commuter from Canada or Mexico, they may put that address.

However, no other international address is acceptable.

While a birthday is required on the form, the employee doesn’t have to provide their social security number unless the employer participates in E-Verify.

Further, photocopies cannot replace physically filling out the form. This last section is only for employees who have left the company and then were rehired, whose name changed, or if their authorization to work expired and they got a new one.

For most candidates, this form isn’t ever really required. citizens and noncitizen nationals or lawful permanent residents who presented a Permanent Resident Card in Section 2 are not required to reverify.

All screenshots are copyrighted by Law Logix Group, Inc.This is an online tool that will tell employers whether an employee is eligible to work for them or not.Finally, they don’t have to provide an email address or telephone number, but they can be useful if DHS needs to contact the employee for any reason.If you don’t have them — or they’re done incorrectly — there can be significant fines assessed to your business.I-9 Form compliance is one of the most common and easily avoided compliance fines.

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In the event that a translator or someone aside from the employee filled in the document, that person would give their information attesting to the validity of the information “to the best of my knowledge.” That completes the first page, which is all the employee needs to worry. Step two of the I-9 Form is the Employer Review and Verification section.

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