How do i become less intimidating to guys bbw busty dating

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How do i become less intimidating to guys

If you notice that a guy is looking at you, make eye contact with him, smile briefly and continue on your way.

If it is a guy that you actually find attractive, you can dwell for a little bit longer in order to let him know that you are interested.

Is it something that you believe is due to your attitude, physicality or both?

You do have to figure out which one you think it is before we can fix this problem.

You don’t need to be pigeonholed into being a dumb dependent any more than you should be the intelligent sugar momma (a role I have once played and will never again, thankfully).

Wait for the guy that challenges you and is suitably impressed rather than intimidated by your looks/money/personality/whatever because that is the guy you deserve and whom deserves you in return.

Yes, that means that you try paying attention to him and stay quiet.Let’s assume that you believe that guys are intimidated by you due to your attitude.Perhaps you believe that you are too brazen or standoffish.As far as I have observed this seems to only be a heterosexual, female problem. Just as how I have to sometimes remind myself that not all little boys need to be aggressive, pushy, daredevils (mine is very active but is more sensitive and more cautious about climbing and jumping on strange things), it doesn’t mean that every woman needs to be the same person — small, dumb and docile — for any man to love her.I’ve yet to hear a woman for instance, complain that her man is too good-looking, successful, rich and intelligent. Your equal in life is not just any guy who eyes you, your equal in life is someone who respects you, your opinion, your earning potential and smoking hot looks all in one whilst giving you the same, and EQUAL treatment by being a catch, himself.

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This is one of the best ways to be less intimidating to guys. The guy sits there listening to you ramble on and he starts getting intimidated.