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Helena michaelsen sex video

Jackie told a newspaper that once in his hotel room, Prince 'placed popcorn all over my stomach and carefully covered it in honey.

Then, looking directly into my eyes, he began eating it all.' It's just the sort of gossip Simon would have loved to hear.

The young Sinitta then watched, miserably, as her older, glamorous rival enjoyed a full-blooded romance with the man she worshipped.

She had a flirtation with the playboy 11th Duke of Northumberland, the Queen's godson, and also had a six-week affair with the pop star Prince during his European tour in 1986.Although a year his senior, and soon married to a property developer named Kevin Cash, she seems to have continued to fascinate Simon.Certainly Jackie has a talent for collecting influential friends.Jackie, in contrast, has never said a word to the Press.Max Clifford, who has acted as Cowell's spokesman for ten years, says: 'I am very fond of Jackie and she has been a very good friend to Simon over many years.' Asked about Sinitta, he said: 'No comment.'It all started way back in the mid-Eighties, when Jackie was a glamour model who was forever being photographed going in and out of Stringfellow's nightclub.

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At this time, Cowell was the flash, Porsche-driving boss of Fanfare Records who favoured tight faded denim and little vests to show off his chest. A romance ensued, but I'm told that after only a few months, Jackie dumped him by phone.

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