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Posted by / 09-Apr-2020 16:59

In my first serious relationship, the boy I was with also suffered from severe depression.

So of course, I leapt into things with the mentality of, “Oh he gets it.

In the end, our break up made me realize that I was deeply unhappy with myself and letting my depression rule my life, and I realized I could not be in a healthy relationship until I fixed that.

While you can’t just snap your fingers and “fix” your depression, I realized I was not giving myself the care I deserved.

This is in no way a weird, judgmental thread so please be sensitive with posts, a lot of people deal with this.

I feel awful when we sit on the couch in silence because I am in a funk and he thinks he has done something wrong when in reality I’m upset because something is wrong with me. My brain is wired differently than his and that’s okay. When you date someone suffering from depression, the biggest bit of advice I can give you is don’t take it personally.

Even though it may be easy to assume your significant other is acting strange because of something you did, remember, they’re probably just as confused and frustrated as you are. My boyfriend almost every morning asks how I’m feeling, physically and mentally.

I am prescribed antidepressants to alter chemicals in my brain in order to hopefully keep this, what I consider to be monster, under control.

I think there’s some crucial things you have to understand about depression before you can healthily date anyone suffering from it or date someone if you are suffering from it.

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Some days it’s still impossible to explain to him that I can’t eat because my medicine is making me sick to my stomach.