Hasselblad lens dating

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Hasselblad lens dating

Many dropped the system as they no longer used film.Some tried out the digital back that was released a while back, the CFV 50 (minus the C) with good results, but it was limited to ISO 800 and CCD.

Stay away from the 9 volt kits, the voltage is too high and Hasselblad actually sent out a warning not to use them as they might shorten life of the engine.The back insert has a different number than the back itself, which is not a big technical issue but it shows it's not the original combination, all the body caps were there but more than one body needs and the lens itself was built after 1978, which is the year the body was built.The camera is in perfect working order however and it's great on a tripod.Modern Medium Format Digital connected to the most gorgeous and classic medium format FILM camera ever made.It is a thing of beauty and while not a camera for daily use, it would be one for SPECIAL use.

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Hasselblad is promising amazing IQ and colors in any light, which is unheard of when it comes to Medium Format as they have always been very limited in this area.