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They have an amazing relationship and she feels she got the best guy in the world because he makes her feel absolutely loved, cherished and adored.Note those feelings have nothing to do with money or the fact that she out-earns him.With the holidays freshly over and the new year on the horizon, there’s an infectious energy in the air full of possibilities, hope, and excitement.So it makes sense that roughly a week into 2017, singles are pumping themselves up for putting themselves out there.Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin haven't been shy about spending time together, but according to a source, the two are just having "fun." A source close to the Jenners tells ET that Jenner and Griffin are in the early stages of dating, and while she's "actually happy" with their romance, she's not looking for anything serious. It's surprising that Kendall is being so public about this," the source says."She's usually extremely private about who she's dating, but she seems really into Blake and she's actually happy, so it's making her relax a bit." Jenner, 21, and Griffin, 28, have been seemingly inseparable lately, as they spent Labor Day weekend together at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off, and were photographed enjoying each other's company two nights in a row last week.

Because letting someone into your heart again is SCARY.

They’re ready to take the plunge — to sign up, upload their pictures, write their profiles, and start the search for meaningful connection.

So much so, that Match sees a 42% increase of new members today! 50 million messages are sent 5 million photos are uploaded and 1 million dates happen!

Cause let’s face it, we don’t really get taught how to create the love lives that we want, do we? Follow me on Instagram for inspiration, smart advice and updates 5.

We get some clichés along the way and advice from friends who are just as confused as we are, and hope for the best.

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That’s what’s so exciting about Dating Sunday — it’s just the beginning.