Good guy dating

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A good guy may offer constructive criticism but does so in a loving way that encourages your personal growth.

Have a great week and let me know if you've been dating jerks or good guys by clicking on the comment button below.

A good guy will make sure you have the details for your date including the time, place and when he'll pick you up or meet you.

Questions to Ask: Ask, “What’s your relationship like with your mom and dad? ” If there is an upcoming holiday, ask if he is choosing to spend it with extended family.

If he is choosing not to spend it with family, ask him why and listen closely to his response.

Get a sense of whether he likes his job and gets along well with his co-workers.

Ask him how he ended up at his job or developed interest in his line of work.

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Trust me: You don’t need to complicate your life by taking care of and providing for a grown man!

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