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A couple must remember that after they say, “I do,” they must say, “I will.” Your personal sanctification is a vital and intimate aspect of your marriage. You can only grow together as a couple as you grow spiritually as individuals. You can’t make a better purchase, but never buy something just because someone recommended it to you. As you enable each other, you won’t have to rescue each other so much. That is why Satan hates it and doesn’t want you to know what God said. ” Adam wasn’t there to guide her and later he succumbed to Satan’s lies also.

The Bible contains all the detailed information you need to make your marriage happy. They don’t read the fine print in the true “marriage contract,” the Word of God.

The man is not honoring his wife if he is not leading her spiritually. Now, let’s consider some practical steps for Bible study: First, go to the Biblical category of Preaching and Teaching. “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah ). Discover the key concepts of a passage together and discuss them. Will you study God’s Word through Bible characters?

Consider Mary at the feet of Jesus, learning and listening. Jesus said that Mary had chosen the “better part, which will not be taken from her.” Husbands, don’t take your “Mary” away from the feet of Jesus. Read or print out a copy of “Studying a Bible Text: The Four Primary Steps” and apply these four steps as you study God’s Word together.

We've been getting really busy lately and would like to find time to get closer to God and to each other as it seems we are drifting farther and farther with all of the daily stresses.

A friend of mine recently got married and said even though her relationship was not struggling, her and her FI (at the time) purchased The Love Dare for their devotional.

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You can do nothing for your marriage better than this.