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This might also have something to do with the alcohol you’re (most likely) drinking.

Swedish alcohol culture might seem a bit strange as most Swedes tend to consume alcohol only (or mostly) during weekends, and not as much in the middle of the week.

Sweden is one of the world’s most equal countries when it comes to gender equality and the norms of what a date could look like.

So the dating scene has undergone a total makeover the last 30 years or so.

As a result, foreigners often have a hard time finding love because they are unable to get potential Swedish love interests to open up.

Swedes might not be known for their talkative ways, but more so for their good looks and very polite manners.

So dating the Swedes might not always be as easy as you think.

However, the way to meet someone there is more subtle.As in any conversation, there needs to be a balance between talking and listening, so if you really want to impress your Swedish date, remember to listen as much as you talk.Once the Swede feels comfortable, you’ll notice that they aren’t afraid of asking straightforward questions.So how do people approach one another when they go out?If you want to meet someone, you’d better make your way to the dance floor.

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Swedes tend to live by the law of Jante (Jantelagen), which means that you should not brag or think that you’re better than someone else.

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