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The 2009 Winnenden massacre certainly shook Germany to the core, prompting lawmakers to pass a round of new reforms to the country's gun laws, which are now some of the toughest in Europe.At the same time, Germany also has one of the highest rates of legal private gun ownership worldwide.But it happened thousands of miles away in Germany six years ago, and basically has not happened here since.On March 11th 2009, a 17-year-old armed with his father's gun shot dead nine students and three teachers at his former school, as well as three others as he fled police in a small southern German town before turning the gun on himself.“There is no doubt that violence faced in childhood makes a difference in future violent behaviour,” Pfeiffer said, explaining that often the shooters in mass killings experienced some form of helplessness or abuse in childhood.The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, reportedly was slapped by his father in front of his peers growing up, a former classmate told the Washington Post.Then, when they’re adults, they want to have the power and decide who to kill and who not to.

Then, when they're adults, they want to have the power and decide who to kill and who not to. Feelings are so strong and amazingly pleasant, the voltage shot up up excitement subsides, and continues to spray out a series of wrenching, intense orgasms, overshadowing glimpses of consciousness, dropping into a magical space with gently flowing at me with energy incomparable pleasure! There's Just Something About the Feel of an Open Palm Striking Your Butt Cheeks.For example, a study by the Criminology Research Institute of Lower Saxony in 2013 found that of the German teens who reported having non-violent, loving childhoods, 3.9 percent reported committing an act of violence within the past year.For teens who reported having very abusive upbringings, about one in five committed violence (19.7 percent).

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Pfeiffer, who was also once Justice Minister in Lower Saxony, notes that while Germany has a low acceptance rate of spanking or other forms of physical discipline for children, approval of such methods are surprisingly high in the United States.