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Those of us who live in Platte County but not within the city limits of Kansas City are simply spectators in this election.

As stated here previously, I’m on board with this proposal.

I came on board when it was made clear no tax dollars will be involved--the only time you’ll pay for this is when you buy your airline tickets.

The importance of KCI to the economy and quality of life in Platte County cannot be overstated.

In the hearing this week, Zahnd said putting the names of prominent members of the community in the press release would send the message that members of the community with influence--Paden had been chief of the Dearborn Fire Department and was active in the community in other ways--are not above the law and not entitled to light sentencing for their perceived “good deeds” in the community.

No one knows this better than Alicia Stephens, executive director of the Platte County Economic Development Council. Hotels are here due to KCI as well as the Overhaul Base,” Stephens told Landmark reporter Valerie Verkamp this week.

“KCI is an economic development driver in Platte County. Jobs will also be created by the construction process.

And if you happen to believe our court system should not be an open, transparent process, then I can’t help you--your opinion is a dangerous one to all of us, including to yourself.

****** The disciplinary panel that heard the evidence this week will make a recommendation to the Missouri Supreme Court, which has final say in the matter.

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•County officeholders voting their elected positions a pay raise effective 2019. on Facebook) A big day in Kansas City on Tuesday as voters head to the polls to decide the fate of the proposed new single terminal KCI Airport.

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