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We did travel extensively before this trip, mostly in touristic areas and sometimes hiking in the nature.

We did manage to find ways to get water in most of these areas, either by buying bottled water in small shops or using pills to threat the water chemically (and waiting for the it to be effective).

The water from Life Straw is directly filtered, keeping its freshness.

Nothing is better than the feeling of drinking icy water from a waterfall that’s along the road.

It is basically a bottle with a threaded cap and the filter inside.

You can try, of course, but you might deeply regret it.Most of the time they fill it from the sink and reseal the bottle to make higher margins. Then comes the nausea and the diarrhea…and you start to understand that this was no joke and you must be careful if you don’t want to spend half of your trip on the toilet.If you are in the city and can find comfort nearby then you might accommodate to it but as soon as you leave for the unknown, trust us, it is not recommended to have digestion issues… The second reason why water is source of trouble is that, if you can’t drink it from natural sources, you must carry it yourself.We didn’t know that our Life Straw Go would be our best companions for the whole trip.There are two things travelers should pay attention to when travelling: Filthy water and plastic bottles.

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For 5 months, we travelled through Central Asia on vintage motorbikes, starting from New Delhi and heading back to Brussels, our hometown.