Fat pie dating video

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Fat pie dating video

So a new clean-eating recipe for healthy January sounded perfect. They aren’t the ones in the little flavored packets for breakfast!

) I love my oatmeal cookies to be chock-full of oats, so I actually use more oats than flour.

Well, fast forward to the present day and Felix uploads his "You Tube Drama Part 2" video which sees him "start drama with everyone...

So strap yourself in, open the app and get ready to do a serious overhaul.

They come in large canisters, just like old-fashioned oats.She usually brought over one of her apple pies on the 4 This past week, in an effort to get back on the healthy track after the holidays, I bought a big bag of apples, but as I stared at them, willing myself to snack on a crisp and juicy one, all I could think of were Grandma’s pies.Because I didn’t have the patience for crusts or waiting for hours while it baked and cooled, I made these instead!Too many oats will dry out your cookies and make them much less chewy. If all of the ingredients were measured correctly, the cookie dough should look more like thick muffin batter.Chilling helps prevent the cookies from spreading into thin, flat discs on the baking sheet. With this easy, no-fuss recipe, they’re ready much sooner than pie, which makes them a little dangerous! But at only 97 calories each, I still feel on track for a healthy New Year!

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She always made a double-crusted apple pie with the flakiest texture on both the top and bottom.