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While his friends hunted for hookups, he couldn’t relate.

Freshman Andrew Gonzalez ‘20 has two LDRs under his belt, one from high school and one currently.

You seem to be more short-tempered the further away you are, and texting doesn’t convey emotions well,” Gomez said.

“This feature is currently testing with a small percentage of our community and will be rolling out globally over the next few months,” Instagram wrote.

How I developed that particular label, I’m not entirely sure, but it may have stemmed from my lack of interaction with the opposite gender. I was already shy enough around girls my age, so talking to a boy was impossible.

Although web-based contact poses quite the challenge, Gonzalez believes it helps partners grow closer.

“Asking random questions all day long helps you understand your partner in ways you can’t imagine,” he stated.

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Whether the craze slows down after freshman fall quarter or after sophomore year, hookups will always have a place in Stanford’s social scene, as with many universities.