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Police Chief James Carmoody has said Oppenneer was found decapitated in a park on July 16, 2014, some five days Oestrike killed Slocum.

During those Bible study meetings, Oestrike or his roommates would lead the group, with first-time attendees having to write their names on the wall with fluorescent markers.

Detectives also found sex toys, stun guns, firearms, ammunition, knives, electronic items and possessions from both victims among at least 400 items inside Oestrike’s home.

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Detectives found a message with “Hard Mike” asking Oppenneer and Slocum to meet Oestrike on July 12.

A state police forensics trooper was then able to link the email address associated with “Hard Mike” to a Facebook account used by Oestrike.

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Clothes are also piled atop a dog cage, where Slocum was held captive for five days in what the local police chief has called “one of the most brutal” cases he’s ever seen.

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