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Not only that, but she feels no shame about it.”Browning was born in Melbourne, Australia and starred in her first film role aged 10.After a series of local productions, her international break-through came in the 2004 film adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.Browning: I think Laura’s character, when she’s alive, doesn’t particularly understand what love is.I mean, she’s found a husband because she feels like that’s what she’s supposed to do. Then she dies, and realizes that death kind of didn’t affect her, really.But they’re an empty container of something that’s supposed to be love.And you buy more and more of it, but you’re still feeling empty.She was kind of a regular kind of wife-girlfriend character, this kind of boring character we’ve seen a million times.

Because I feel that there’s so many things where, you look around, they’re telling you they’re selling you love.

I mean, she’s decomposing, sure, she probably smells pretty bad, but she’s still there.

Once she doesn’t have any of that fear anymore, once you don’t have to worry about death, you’re kid of free, and she realizes the thing that actually means something to her is love, and is Shadow, essentially.

And the idea of what is happening to intimacy and love?

What would happen to a goddess of love in this time?

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For a while, Browning was best-known as the girl who almost starred opposite Robert Pattinson in the Twilight series.