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Now, there could have been temptation to storm in with lingering bitterness, or even to enter with an air of superiority. Rather, she showed the tribe the same humility that Christ showed in Philippians 2:5-7, coming to serve those who had sinned against her.

She probably would have been quick to tell you that it wasn’t always easy!

Her secret was to look past feelings of fear and set her mind upon all that God was and had promised. Though I never met her face to face, Elisabeth Elliot Gren has left a lasting impact upon my life.

In a world where Christian femininity is often shallow and self-promoting, Elisabeth Elliot’s humble yet no-nonsense approach to Truth has greatly shaped and influenced both my ministry direction and my personal relationship with God.I can honestly say that I have become much more bold to speak Truth clearly and unashamedly because of Elisabeth Elliot’s example.I always deeply admired her continual focus on Jesus Christ, her reverence for the Word of God, and her uncompromising stand for purity in the Body of Christ.I’m deeply thankful to have learned from this faithful, radiant woman of God to rest my confidence and faith entirely upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and that no matter the situation or circumstance I come up against, it will never change the glorious reality of our great Savior and that His way is always worth it.Passion and Purity has been my go-to Elisabeth Elliot title over the past several years: my own copy bearing worn edges, a broken spine with loose pages, and black ink in the margins.

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Though I am sure the searing pain of loss must have been heart-rending, Elisabeth later said, “I prayed what seemed to be a rather ridiculous prayer at the time.