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Dumbassdating com

Have fun trying to get your security deposit back despite cleaning, shampooing the carpet and leaving the place cleaner than you left it.They will nickel and dime you out of your money and if you dispute the refund it will take months to get your money back.that's how "sales" works, they grow fangs and horns once you are locked into your contract.Sorry but as a potential resident, you have no idea what it's like to live there and now they truly are to deal with, and should not have been able to affect the ratings. The staff will lure you in...making it seem like they are helpful and considerate.The Corporation and Management, was kind enough hire a company to help me pack my belongings and help me move, as the apt above me had caught fire.Maintenance is 'on the spot', especially if you have an emergency or a pressing issue that needs a resolution quickly. They have also been gracious dealing with my 'now and again' times of locking myself out, letting me use their key, to get in. ) While I can only speak for myself, my experience here has been pretty pleasant, or I wouldn't have stayed this long, believe me. Cheryl Vanessa Villalva Assistant Manager is awesome! Cheryl My friend and I visited Waterstone in San Dimas last week because I am looking to move to a pet friendly community.I hope that you will come in or call the office so we may speak off line. I've had issues with noisy neighbors living above me in the past, but it gets taken care of.

I've had issues with noisy neighbors living above me in the past, but it gets taken care of.The buildings are old and only have wall AC units in the living room so you will be sweating the entire long summer.The grounds of this apartment complex look nice, but since we moved in in April, we've had nothing but problems.Then I find that the machine didn't properly drain the clothes, so I had to choose if I wanted to rewash my clothes or dry it twice to get it dry.At least 2 machines in the gym were not working for a long time and they don't always give you a new battery when your remote stops working.

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There are 2 washing machines that don't work and with no signs on them let you know that they don't work, so you load your clothes in, put in the soap and then come to find that the machine doesn't work.

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