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Domme hook up

This file should be listened to on repeat for at least 30 minutes at a time (the longer the better) and will become deeply hardwired into your sissy brain. Prologue Hi, my name is Andrea and I here want to present my journey into wonderland.As over-reaction is very normal in teenage years, I ripped my preciously kept picture from the very magazine into pieces, dumped it and swore to myself that I never ever would do this stupid bondage thing again.I kept this oath for several years, only fantasizing about being tied up while masturbating - and hating me for this. At the age of 16 I was very close with another girl from my school.I managed to shout out "seconds", while I kept rubbing in vain.But imagining my mother waiting in front of the door suddenly took me down.I tried my best to be sent back to the hotel as a reprimand for my bad behaviour, but to no avail. The tingling running over my naked body was tantalizing and requested some attention from my left hand, but I did not dare to remove it from my mouth.

By thinking back I can only describe my then feelings like an atomic bomb exploding in my head, because I instantly knew that I wanted to be the woman tied to the cross.

At night, kneeling on my bed, legs spread, the picture from the magazine laid out in front of me, fantasizing to be the bound woman, I rubbed myself into my first real orgasm. The reader should imagine a time without internet and Google.

Today it is very easy for a teenager to find information about BDSM if interested, but in my youth there was next to no chance to inform myself.

What I knew after this episode was that I could probably like the idea of being tied up - and of being with a woman. They have reached an by age now where I do not dare to bother them with details about my sexual needs. When I was looking at my schoolmates I could never ever imagine that somebody else could feel the same as I did. Pupils today, as I have heard, do talk very frankly about the various versions of sexuality. Thanks to heaven again, both my parents had jobs, such that after school I had our apartment all for myself.

As I was not interested in boys anyway, this made sense so far. If you are a young lesbian today, there might be some disappointments with your parents, but you can expect tolerance after some discussion. I started with some shy bondage experiments with my mother's clothes line, trying to tie my hands in front of me, and, much more exciting, behind my back. On one occasion, having my hands tied on my back and having rubbed myself to orgasm against my bedpost I could not get out.

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Nobody can lie to a mother, so I am pretty sure that she had an idea about what I could have done in there.

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