Devendra banhart dating 2016

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Devendra banhart dating 2016

Banhart's mother and stepfather were both acolytes of an Indian guru named Prem Rawat (aka Maharaj Ji) of the Divine Light Mission, who gave Devendra his first name, which is another name for the Lord Indra, the Hindu god of rain. There were people phoning the school making death threats.It was like, 'Oh my God, there's a fag in the school'.She replied telling him she liked his work and encouraged him to pursue it.If it wasn't for that letter, he says, he would have given it all up. The move to California in Banhart's early teens was an intense relief rather than an upheaval. For instance, when I was 11 years old, I pierced my ear. But everyone was so scandalised that they shut down the school."And my two vocations aren't worlds apart."I believe we are all dual beings. Also – and I think this is important – I was singing as a woman when I was a child."Banhart explains that when he was eight years old, the ubiquitous music in Venezuela was salsa, merengue and cumbia. He then put on one of her dresses, picked up a comb and sang into it as if he was a woman."It worked," he says.But then he discovered the existence of a rock radio station and, for the first time, heard Nirvana."And I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, this is incredible. "It was like I had permission to sing the way I do. It was just that this part of me, the feminine part of me, said 'Hey, try this'.It was really very liberating."Banhart's visits to Venezuela are increasingly rare. It breaks my heart."After a long period in Los Angeles, New York is now home for Banhart and his fiancée, whom he met two years ago when she, a photographer, was dispatched to his house to take his picture."It's home when I'm anywhere else, but when I'm there I'm a tourist. I know this from watching their Kooples ad, in which they are interviewed about how they met.

"No one was looking at me weirdly, I was free to be me. The architecture is slowly evicting the inhabitants. I just cannot conceive of the frame of mind a person could be in to think it's easier to kill an eight-year-old than just take his shoes from him.

Of his contemporaries, Banhart is the most prolific and successful, his musical eclecticism and keening vibrato being fêted by the New Yorker as belonging "in a universe of its own".

He has recorded with Beck and Wu-Tang's GZA, founded a record label, performed at New York's Carnegie Hall and, briefly, dated the actress Natalie Portman (she appears in the video to his 2008 single "Carmensita").

If you wear a dress when you're eight years old it's kind of taboo."Banhart had another epiphany, aged 18, when he was in Paris and "completely homeless.

I didn't have a dime." He wrote to the folk singer Vashti Bunyan and, in an attempt to gauge his own musical potential, sent her some songs.

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But still, he reckons I could have gone one better with the choice of venue."We really should have done this interview in a massage parlour," he muses. It won't be long before I cry again."For someone allegedly uncomfortable with talking out loud, Banhart sure talks a lot. We are, of course, meant to be talking about the new album, which is a terrific blend of alt-rock, synth-pop and Latin flavours, though he seems pathologically averse to the business of self-promotion.