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"When primaries first started, it was as a way to give the rank and file a say," says Richard Berg-Andersson, who tracks presidential primaries at the Green Papers.

"And we don't like the notion that someone who shows up every four years to vote and isn't really committed to the party gets to help choose its nominee." From the vantage of someone looking to build up the Democratic Party, this makes sense.In 2008, Rush Limbaugh launched "Operation Chaos," in which the radio host urged conservative voters to strategically vote for Hillary Clinton to prolong the Democratic primary."There's a real concern among party leaders and party activists that people who participate in open primaries are gaming the system, that there are saboteurs who want to blow up the party from the inside," says Eric Mc Ghee, a research fellow on electoral reform at the Public Policy Institute of California.And, you can wear it on the left side, right side, either way up or however, as long as, in the words of the Royal British Legion, you "wear it with pride".As Bernie Sanders has suffered a series of stinging defeats over the last few weeks, he has trained his criticism on one barrier to his candidacy: the closed primary.

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The political parties have four basic forms of voting for their presidential nominees: open primaries, closed primaries, open caucuses, and closed caucuses.

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