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He concluded that “if the laws of heredity that are known to hold in the case of animals also apply to man, the intermarriage of congenital deaf-mutes through a number of successive generations should result in the formation of a deaf-mute variety of the human race….The indications are that the congenital deaf-mutes of the country are increasing at a greater rate than the population at large; and the deaf-mute children of deaf-mutes at a greater rate than the congenital deaf-mute population.”Bell went on the speculate about the possibility of legislation to forbid the intermarriage of deaf-mutes but favored determining the causes of intermarriage and discouraging or removing them.

"The gap between the law and justice has finally been closed," Mr Cooke said.

The case was the second to have been initiated on the back of evidence unearthed by Walkley Award-winning journalist Estelle Blackburn, who spent her life savings researching the story of Mr Beamish and John Button, who was convicted of the 1963 killing of his girlfriend Rosemary Anderson.

Mr Button won his appeal in 2002, and after attending court for today's decision, said he was delighted. I know Darryl would have ached in his heart for years and years, and wondered, `Is this ever going to happen, is it ever possible to have it overturned'," Mr Button said.

Making an appearance in the video too, Kokal explores a desolate, light-drenched land with j.franxis, a place that resembles Star Wars' Tatooine as if re-imagined by experimental film-maker Terrence Malick.

“Creation was once just a collection of gasses and particles colliding violently into this dimension of existence that all humans are bound by,” says Jeán Güsto, the video's director.

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In the same Perth courthouse today, Justices Christopher Steytler, Christine Wheeler and Carmel Mc Lure ruled Beamish had not committed the murder, saying they now believed a 1964 gallows confession from one of Australia's most notorious serial killer, Eric Edgar Cooke.