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We declined this invitation and told them that we would go around the place and come later.

Before reporting a fraudulent claimant you need to understand more about their exact disability and to become familiar with the conditions/symptoms of their disability.Taking into account population explosion, the whole place should be chock full of palm leaves, but miraculously this is not so.This could mean two things- either the ancients had the foresight to know as to who would visit the place and hence only the bio-data of those visitors would be available,or the leaves are preserved in some format wherein terabytes of data could be compressed and stored.Anyway, after one arrives at the place their thumb impression is taken along with their date of birth.Then, the palm leaf pertaining to the individual is searched for. There are a number of write-ups praising its accuracy and there are blogs testifying to the same.

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On my travels with my friends, we happened to be passing by near where it was supposed that the ‘original’ Nadi leaves were kept- the Vaithishwara Temple near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.