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She hasn’t been in regular school since the sixth grade; she’s in 10th grade now, tutored on set or on the road for three hours a day. (And come to think of it, if you add time spent on homework, my grade-school kids slog through longer days than the maximum eight hours of work and school that tween performers are allotted by state law in California.) Cyrus says she loves what she does, but there are drawbacks.

“I miss the social part, for sure,” she says of traditional brick-and-mortar schooling. Today she’s wearing a pale-yellow, vaguely peasant-y T-shirt blouse, a pair of expensive-looking jeans, and chipped black nail polish.

“But if you watch fan.) That said, I can’t imagine that her minders at the Walt Disney Company want to see Miley Cyrus’s name anywhere near the word “sex,” not in an era when every under-age actress in Hollywood is stalked by the Ghost of Britney Future.

And not when so much money is riding on this one’s continued public innocence. Still, she might very well be the biggest child star since Shirley Temple, give or take a couple of Macaulay Culkin movies, or an Olsen twin.

So you send over your questions for stage 1 of 4 and then you have to wait for them to respond. But it’s fine, you don’t really care that this person hasn’t responded in a day or two because each day you get a new batch of matches hand picked by these computer gods as people that match you on 29 levels of compatibility.

She also seems to have very clear ideas about things. Before I met Cyrus, an editor at a tabloid told me that all the celebrity weeklies have been ratcheting up their focus on her. For every Jodie Foster or Brooke Shields there are a dozen Gary Colemans. A full Miley album will be released this summer and a feature film, to be shot in Nashville, will mostly focus on “the Miley side of life,” as she puts it. Outside, in the parking lot, the paparazzi start snapping away. Cyrus also has two multi-platinum records to her name (well, one to Hannah’s name and one, a double album, co-credited to Hannah and Miley) and is the youngest performer to have two No. Her recent concert tour sold out 70 dates across North America and caused an uproar when tickets started being scalped for thousands of dollars, in some cases.(Try getting that for your spare released in 3-D, set several records, including highest-grossing release on a Super Bowl weekend (.1 million) and highest per-screen average ever (,561); those numbers are either because of or despite the fact that tickets to Cyrus’s film were sold at the inflated price of , on average.Oh, and you can also buy sheets and MP3 players and all kinds of junk. Cyrus is cute, but not too cute, and she sings with more character than most pop stars her age—you could imagine her voice, with its natural husk and its twang from her native Tennessee, turning into Lucinda Williams’s someday, if she plays her cards right.(Maybe.) And thanks to her comic timing and easy rapport with her dad, the country-music star Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays her father on TV, The series premiered in March 2006, was an instant hit, and what with everything else going on, Cyrus says, she hasn’t had more than a day off since Christmas 2006 and doesn’t expect to get another break until at least this Christmas.

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star Miley Cyrus has some serious business riding on her 15-year-old shoulders—not to mention paparazzi on her tail and tabloid editors praying for her to pull a Britney. Bruce Handy journeys to deepest Toluca Lake to find out. over spinach-artichoke dip in a dingy Toluca Lake restaurant that for some reason, possibly native to the San Fernando Valley, is divided between cheerful families enjoying Saturday lunches and a glum row of barflies passing time by watching I-don’t-know-what on ESPN Classic. “Obviously not the scenarios,” she explains quickly.