Dating plus size women

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“You don't have to love your body in order to have great sex, you just have to accept it,” Chase says.

“Sometimes, someone telling you to love your body might feel like too big a leap.

Don't let fear get in the way of having a great time.” While no one has yet designed a range of sex toys specifically for curvy women, Chase advises there are certain toys and accessories which lend themselves more to that body type – which she gives advice on in detail in the book.

“People — all people — are inherently sexy; we are born as sexual beings and it's something inside us that can not be taken away,” she says.

“To say anyone has to look, act or speak a certain way in order to be considered worthy of a healthy, satisfying sex life is maddening and inherently discriminatory.” Chase says the premise that plus-size isn’t sexy is “patently untrue” and that what our individual tastes are when it comes to sex varies according to type.

But is giving sex advice for larger women, in a society where a slim, ideal body type is very much the pressure, ostracising them further? “I am catering to and welcoming a segment of society that has been excluded from these conversations in the past.

It's the antithesis of ostracisation and when you flip through the book, it becomes clear right away that this book is inclusive in ways beyond body size — the imagery, language and position recommendations keep other important (and often forgotten) factors in mind, including gender identity, sexual orientation, mobility and more.” Chase justifies the book having such a target audience by arguing that the majority of sex advice, conversation, research and portrayals are geared towards a certain body type.

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She says she was regularly asked about more comfortable sex positions and the best way to maximise pleasure for their body types.

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