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Dating phisanulok

I took the fan one as it wasn’t that humid at all here, or maybe it just felt so coming from Bangkok.

There is another very popular budget hotel right next to it, called Lithai Guest House, with similar room rates.

I walked down a few blocks from the train station, looking for a guesthouse.

The first impressions of Phitsanulok were pretty unspectacular, seemed just like a typical provincial town, but I knew it had a lot more to offer.

11 February 2007 Australian women get up close and personal with Geraldine Doogue over dinner.

JANET: Definitely, definitely but saying that its only bricks and mortar, thats quite true but when my first marriage ended I fought tooth and nail to hold on to the house that I was living in then.

It took me about five hours with the “Special Express” from Bangkok and as I reached Phitsanulok in the afternoon, it started to rain.

No problem though since I brought my girlfriend’s umbrella.

I really dont like to compromise on moisturiser and toilet paper.

So you look after both ends and your going along pretty well.

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We have a great home, I have a great husband, I have great kids.