Dating people from other countries

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Dating people from other countries

If you're open to something long-term, let that be known too so they don't think you wouldn't be willing to put the hard work in for a real relationship if it became serious.

However you see the relationship going, just make sure to open up this conversation as early as possible.

It can be tempting to have a native boyfriend or girlfriend so you have someone to show you around town and teach you the local language, but in the end it's just not nice.

You wouldn't want someone to use you just for English practice, so think about how you would feel if it was the other way around.

Make sure the experiences you share are exciting for both of you and that you like , not just their handiness.

However, anyone will likely be offended if a foreigner with less lifetime-long knowledge about the country and culture makes the same criticisms.

If your new love interest is in it for a long-term thing -- and you're not -- they might feel worse for you letting it go on for so long rather than being up front about it at first.

Especially at the beginning of an overseas adventure, it can be easy to make a new fling your everything immediately.

If this is your case, think long and hard about committing to big life changes with them before taking the leap.

If the other person hasn't traveled much, they may have false impressions of what life is like in your home country -- and may be disappointed later.

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