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And I swapped with Calvin and he swapped with that dude. They are dating dating hellboy and I'm dating the Hulk.

[G]When I get really mad I start [C]dating Iron Man. The chick who's dating Iron Man That's I-R-O-N M-A-N (And I like his tin can) That's really great cause I'm dating Wolf. Datin the wolf ai'nt that [C]a pity cause I'm dating them bras from [G]Sex and the city! G(strum and let ring) He dates the Sex and the City gals. Would Wolf really get jealous if he found out we were dating that with the big utility belt? At my mannor in the Batcave[C] Butler Alford is our lifeslave.

In a sketch, Kimmel screened Damon’s 2011 family-friendly movie “We Bought a Zoo,” marveling that Damon “has almost no discernible talent, but he works.” Back in the Dolby Theatre, Damon joined his childhood friend Ben Affleck on stage to present the award for best original screenplay. ” Damon said as the camera flashed to Kimmel gleefully conducting the orchestra. “Ugh.” Degeneres assured him that the chair had since been wiped down.

But the announcer told the audience to welcome “two-time Academy Award-winner Ben Affleck and guest.” This was a continuation of a longstanding but completely fake feud between Damon and Kimmel, who eventually schemed to play his frenemy off of the stage. The constant bickering was one of the highlights of the broadcast — before all of the drama of the ceremony was usurped by an epic best picture mix-up. “We don’t like each other, in case you don’t know the back story,” Kimmel said. In an unprecedented gaffe, "La La Land" was accidentally awarded the Oscar for best picture before producers realized the award actually belonged to "Moonlight." Here's how the moment played out, plus other highlights from the 2017 Academy Awards.

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At the Academy Awards Sunday night, host Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to his favorite prank target: Matt Damon.

Chordie does not index songs against artists'/composers' will. # #THis is the ending song in the rated version of Disaster Movie. # #Intro: (Strumming)G G C C G G CC # I'm [G]Dating Matt Damon Well I'm [C]Dating Hannah Montana She's dating Hannah Montana! Ya know what time it is because I'm dating Juney too!

Backstage at my concerts turns my up my parent's bed After school at locker in the car give it up! Yeah I know, but it's true flava flavi dates me, too.

1997 - 2000The two were a high-profile couple while together -- 'People' magazine declared them "Hollywood's It Couple" -- despite both their efforts to keep it from the public eye.Might sound wrong but it's true and I date the princess too. [G]For the world's largest bathhouse I'm also dating Amy Winehouse? [C]And I like to get up in [G]them Calvin Kleins It's true JT dates me once again. (Break) He's dating Amy Winehouse On the down-low-low-low I'm dating Jessica Simpson Cause that's how I roll roll roll [G]She's dating Jessica Simpson! And I think I might have dated that hot assas[C]in! [C]And I'm also dating Prince [G]Caspian I am handsome and I am cool. 72 percent of Brown students are willing to have sex on the first date, according to some figures – more than any other school.But that doesn’t mean everyone here is actually doing it it.

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(Nicki De Marco/The Washington Post) Related: The minute-by-minute breakdown of the shocking ‘Moonlight’/‘La La Land’ best picture mix-up ‘I am alive and well’: Oscar night’s overlooked foul-up Oscars 2017: 10 things you need to know, from the epic mix-up to Viola Davis’s speech ‘La La Land’ producer Jordan Horowitz is the truth-teller we need right now Reactions to Oscars flub: Disbelief, Steve Harvey jokes and election night metaphors ‘There’s been a mistake.