Dating in the 1950s

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Dating in the 1950s

But dating in the 1950s was a serious matter, the rules were very different from today.

So, in case you ever think that you were born in the "wrong generation," here are a few ways that dating in the 1950s might look a trip to the Twilight Zone to you today.

While I'm aware that committed relationships between two teenagers still happen today, it was the magnitude of "going steady" in the '50s that has changed. An idealic, postwar time of America where if you were white and middle class, your life was pretty great.America had finally become the dominant superpower, the GI Bill and Housing Bill had created our suburbs, and our grandparents, children of the Greatest Generation, were free to roam their neighborhoods, make new friends and find a nice girl to settle down with.* Women are a bit more naive and innocent; a lot weren't, of course, but in general they looked up to men more (no I don't suggest we go back to this era).Downsides: * Court-ship was often long and arduous.

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Unlike the personal dinner and movie dates of today, it was very common for groups of couples to go out together at this time.

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