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Just like the city itself, its dating scene blends traditional and modern aspects.One of the most unique institutions of Shanghai is surely the marriage market in People’s Park (It’s so unique I went there despite the July heat! The parents, who often don’t have their children’s approval for the matchmaking, hang up advertisements on bulletin boards or pin profiles and descriptions to pastel colored umbrellas.

In Chinese society, an unmarried woman is still often regarded as “incomplete” and being in a bad marriage is sometimes considered better than being single.

However, it is always established from the beginning that the rental does not include any kissing or sexual services.) was established among young Chinese people to show that they are proud of being single.

It is celebrated on November 11, as the date consists of the repeated figure 1 (11.11), representing several single people.

Can you imagine if your parents would do this with your CV?

In today’s modern world, young Chinese people are looking for partners on their own and do not approve of their parents’ matchmaking anymore.

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