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This represents his confidence in her, as well as his trust in her thoughts and ideas which is something rather revolutionary that people dont always take into consideration in marriage ceremonies.

Once the bride takes the coins, she acknowledges what her groom has presented of her, and is pledging to take his trust and his confidence and use it.

Many weddings include a full Sunday length Mass, so if your wedding is going to be like that be sure to make that clear on the invitation in consideration of people of other religions.

There is one tradition that has to do with 13 gold coins that the groom gives to the bride during the ceremony.

Among the Mennonites of Prussia it was customary into the 19th century for the young man to approach the , a sort of deacon, who would consult with the parents and the daughter of the house making known the young man's desire.

After they had consented the young man would come to the home of the girl and the engagement took place.

This is something that is not always performed at Latin American weddings these days in the United States, but they are an authentic Latin American tradition that many weddings do still utilize.

The best part of all wedding is a wedding reception, and having a wedding reception adherent to rational Latin American wedding customs is a lot easier than the wedding.

It was not only a piece of folly but in bad taste or even sinful.

Even such groups as permitted the young people to make their own promise of marriage required them to obtain the consent of their parents.

Such practices have now almost universally disappeared in America in favor of the personal proposal by the young man to the chosen one.

The principal reason for this rule was to insure a "marriage in the Lord," that is, the union of two young people who were members of the church.

Anyone who disregarded the rule was subject to church censure.

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Whether you are Latin American yourself or you are just looking to have a traditional wedding according to Latin American wedding customs, there are several things you can do to abide by Latin American wedding rituals and make things as authentic as possible.