Dating clubs in kenya dating site for army men

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Dating clubs in kenya

It so happens that most golfers stick to one caddy.

ALSO READ: President Uhuru suspends six JSC commissioners, forms tribunal to probe their conduct The thought that men are denied caddying job because we think they are irresponsible scares me.

Lots of young beautiful well educated career ladies in Kenya cannot get quality men to marry them.

One golfer once told me he can never hire a male caddy. “Men drink all the money you give them after caddying, women use it to feed their children or save it.” Without prejudice, lots of caddies are drunk in the morning; easy to explain because they are guaranteed a regular income.

If he has excess cash to “sponsor,” his perceived quality goes a notch higher.

Kenya is competing with America’s Deep South where quality men are rare.

One simple solution is to reverse the roles and let Kenyan women pay dowry for men.

Once men realise that, they will upgrade themselves through education, personal hygiene, avoid crime, and be responsible. We could find more boys schools coming up and more responsible men in the marriage market.

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Playing golf on this course at this time of the year is a test of endurance, a traumatic experience demanding counselling after 18 holes. The bag weighs more than 10kg, and is carried for about four hours.