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There is no evidence to suggest that she came to physical harm so it is logical to believe she is still alive and still out there. Gerry and Kate, carrying Madeleine's favourite Cuddle Cat in her hand, were faced with the sudden shock of their daughter disappearing in 2007 and then felt police meant to be hunting for her treated them badly Madeleine Mc Cann's hairbrush has been returned to her parents today.Private investigator Daniel Krugel was given it by Kate and Gerry Mc Cann after her disappearance in the hope its hair could be used for DNA matching.And the detective leading the case, Pedro do Carma, says British police made four local men in Praia du Luz suspects for three years when they obviously had nothing to do with the abduction.Scotland Yard is still chasing a critical lead it believes could crack the case and it is understood they have returned to a theory that burglars were involved.

Villagers will gather at the tiny whitewashed Nossa Senhora da Luz – Our Lady of Light Church – which became the couple's 'sanctuary' in the three months after their daughter vanished.

They now openly acknowledge there is a distinct lack of trust between all parties.'Madeleine, who would now be 13, vanished from the family's holiday apartment as her parents dined yards away with friends.

Even before the end of the original Portuguese investigation, Mr and Mrs Mc Cann used money collected by fundraisers to hire private investigators, and continued to use them for the three years before Scotland Yard got involved in 2011.

It says: 'It is clear that from the beginning the Mc Canns felt there was a lack of clarity and communication on the part of the Portuguese police.

Despite the involvement of British consular staff, they were, by their own accounts, left for long periods without any updates or communication with the investigators.'They state they were taken to the police station on more than one occasion and then left for hours waiting to speak to someone who never materialised.'They describe this situation as inhumane, with no real consideration for their emotional and physical wellbeing.'It was written by the Child Exploitation And Online Protection Centre for the Home Office to establish if it was worth getting Scotland Yard to review the case.

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They are relying on their faith, pals, relatives and well wishers to help them through the painful anniversary, which Kate describes as 'a horrible marker of stolen time.'Maddie's great aunt and uncle Janet and Brian Kennedy will take part in the special service at St Mary and St John Church.

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