Dating a girl with emotional baggage

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Dating a girl with emotional baggage

They will want to learn who you are, rather than who everyone else thinks you are.

And, when she loves you – she’ll love you with everything she has.

Throughout my life, far too often, I’ve heard men label women who have some sort of emotional baggage as the type to stray away from.

They immediately depict this woman as the type of female who is “trouble,” has too many “problems,” or has a history that will cause chaos in their lives.

[Read: 15 sweet gestures to show love without words] #2 Look past the overreaction.

People with a large amount of emotional baggage overreact because they simply can’t take any more.

Instead of going into another person’s world with an open mind, these women are struck down, silenced and misjudged before they even get to let someone else in.

Undoubtedly, there are some of us with more baggage than others.For this, she will always be open-minded and understanding of life and other people’s problems.She doesn’t go around talking badly about others because they may be going through something.They won’t need you to be there for them every step of the way – and that’s okay.The independence they’ve grown to accept when it comes to facing life gives them the kind of strength most people in their romantic partner. But, She Will Never Let You Face Your Problems Alone: When you date a woman with baggage, she will be resilient through life’s problems. Instead, she’ll be there for you – full-force – guiding you through toughest battles and decisions.

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