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Consolidating debt with bad

With this method you can get out of debt quicker, protect and build your credit, and reduce your overall financial costs.

Cash-Out Mortgage or Home Equity Loan (HEL): If you have extra equity in your home and you want to reduce your monthly payments, then you can consolidate your debt by taking a cash-out refinance, or a Home Equity Loan.

Your best choice will depend on whether the new interest rate will save sufficient money to warrant doing a full cash-out mortgage refinance.

If not, you can consolidate your debt by taking out a HEL.

Did you know that more than 50% of the US household have credit card debt?It will entail making a firm commitment to a fixed monthly payment, so make sure that you can afford the payments.Credit Counseling and Debt Management Plan (DMP): If you can make minimum payments and commit to a fixed payment then a DMP program can help by reducing your interest rates on your credit cards.You stop making payments directly to your creditor and your credit will drop, if it hasn’t already been damaged by delinquent payments.This debt consolidation program is for people with a financial hardship.

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Think about which of the following goals is most important to you; Also, think about your personal financial situation and how you can realistically meet any goals that you set.