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Congolese women dating

Their nutritional status and that of their children is correspondingly better.

Rural women have arguably borne the brunt of state exactions.

The colonial-era status of African women in urban areas was low.

FGM is now illegal: the law imposes a penalty of two to five years of prison and a fine of 200,000 Congolese francs on any person who violates the "physical or functional integrity" of the genital organs.

“There were food taboos which restrict women from eating certain foods (usually the most desirable) since ‘they are not the equals of men.’ Women may not eat in the presence of other men, and they are often allowed only their husband's leftovers.” Opportunities for wage labor jobs and professional positions remained rare even after independence.

Among the Lemba, for example, women not only have more say in determining what is grown but also in what is consumed.

In a country where the most widespread pattern is for the men to be served the best food first, with the remainder going to women and children, Lemba women traditionally set aside choice food items and sauces for their own and their children's consumption before feeding the men their food.

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