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China dating scene

My mother was born and raised in Taiwan to Taiwanese parents. These days, I’m an expat (an expatriate is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing) living in Thailand and teaching in countries like China, Singapore, and Malyasia.And in cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, they are a notorious paradise for Western men who have a serious case of yellow fever and are literally shopping for Asian girls. Ironically, here in Asia I find it easier dating Western girls.Some want to be Casanovas, some of them are shy and some may even still believe in love. But, yeah, she makes a long face when I complain that carrying her bag is 太丢脸! (Happily scantily clad on the last two – Shanghai boys take good care of themselves, and like to show it off, especially in this weather.) 3.The standard for the right boyfriend remains the same as anywhere else in the world: he should care about you more than any other guy does. Not all Shanghai ladies are cut from the same cloth, clearly. Don’t fight the bag carrying, cooking and cleaning.

Instead of learning one way to approach and date that works on the majority of Western girls and Asian girls in America, I had to learn two different strategies.

Culturally speaking, most Asian girls are wary of strangers.

Sure, if you’re a stranger selling things in the floating market outside of Bangkok, Asian girls will ask you the price, but if you randomly walk up to an Asian girl in the streets of China, be prepared for a negative reaction (unless you’re white, white men have immunity here, but I’m an Asian guy and I get looked at like I’m a ranting homeless guy).

I bet you 0 the Asian girl will turn around and walk away from you without even a word.

She’s not rejecting you, Asian girls just aren’t used to it and think you’re weird. Western culture, American in particular, puts a strong emphasis on being social in general, saying hello to everyone, smiling at the woman who bags your groceries, and being socially bubbly. 2) Western women in Asia are put on a social pedestal.

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Maybe 20 percent of you are open to real relationships and even marriage over here. And other brags about us that we don’t want to know.) 4. Tell him to get over it or you'll carry your own damn purse. That said, Shanghai guys love women who are strong and independent.

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