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The permeability barriers on both sides of the pseudocoelom also allow the pseudocoelomic fluid to be pressurized beneath the elastic cuticle; thus, the fluid acts as a hydrostatic skeleton that contributes to maintain the nematode’s overall rigidity (Crofton, 1966).

In aging worms, this hydrostatic pressure is often decreased.

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Transverse thin section corresponding to blue box in A. (Based on White, 1988; Graham et al., 1997; Vogel and Hedgecock, 2001.) C. A glycocalyx that covers the surface of the proximal most two to three oocytes is present between the sheath and the oocyte.

A yolk granule that has been secreted from the intestine is seen passing through the gonad BL and sheath. (Image source: [Hall] N533-311.) The pseudocoelomic fluid is restricted from reaching the cuticle by a series of barrier junctions that link every cell type in the bodywall’s epithelial system, particularly the belt junctions (adherens junctions) of the hypodermis.

Similarly, the pseudocoelomic fluid cannot mix with the luminal contents of the digestive tract nor the reproductive tract due to the presence of another permeability barrier: the belt junctions connecting all epithelial cells in those tissues.

The excretory system and hypodermis are thought to regulate fluid homeostasis by regulating fluid outflow and inflow, respectively.

The hypodermis functions to either promote fluid intake or inhibit fluid excretion, whereas the excretory system functions in disposing solutes and water that pass into the canal cell from the pseudocoelom (see Excretory System). M., Kao, G., Karantza, V., Vogel, B., Hutter, H., Chisholm, A.

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The chemical composition of the pseudocoelomic fluid has been analyzed in larger nematode species and was found to have a neutral p H and to contain proteins, fat, glucose, sodium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, and small quantities of copper, zinc, iron, hematin and ascorbic acid.

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