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We rely on my Universal Log Analyser to use the plugins provided here.

Please refer to that article and get that working first and then continue configuration for this article.

I tried upgrading, and now I'm only getting graphing for my Queues.

None of the other Postfix graphs are currently populating. Any tips you might have would be appreciated :) I have little experience upgrading templates, and most of that wasn't positive.

There are 4 plugins in this case:,, and These are in the tarball (see later).

Place the plugins in the plugin directory (default is /etc/snmp/uloganalyser-plugin) One feature I have built into the plugin is that it outputs any lines that it does not completely understand. This means that over time the script can be enhanced to extract more information from the logs.

Since then I've written up Cacti stats on Open DKIM which is where the effort is now going.

Like discussed previously, Postfix logfiles require root privilege to access, and snmpd runs as a low privilege user.

eg: # mv bender_postfix_smtp_warn_176bender_postfix_smtp_warn_572Do that for all the old rrd files - you may want to script it. This is turning out to be an excellent opportunity for me to learn Cacti a little better :) I've been digging into it, and I've confirmed that SNMP is returning data, and the RRD's appear be getting updated by the poller.

Following on from the basics of SNMP I did previously, this article now adds the next set of SNMP extension scripts, config, and Cacti templates to monitor a Postfix mail server.

This includes monitoring spf (Sender Policy Framework, clamav-milter (anti-virus/anti-malware), dkim-milter (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and spamass-milter (Spam Assassin).

Update: Also see my recent article about basic Postfix configuration which works with these templates.

Major Update 20110707 onwards: With the release of my Universal Log Analyser, this article has been updated to only provide a plugin and you will have to configure the Universal Log Analyser to use the plugin. and it may be easiest to purge any old versions of the templates and start fresh with such a major change.

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What may work (this is theoretical and untested so use with caution, take backups and all the usual disclaimer stuff) is to purge existing graphs, data sources and templates, import the new ones and re-create all the graphs.

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