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Second, William Ramsey has argued that neural mechanisms in fact do not function as representations in an sense, since the explanatory role they play is more like that of a causal relay rather than an internal ‘stand-in’ for external entities.

I argue that the criticisms developed by Gallistel and Ramsey rest on a misapplication of relevant theoretical notions from computer science, and an impoverished appreciation of the rich variety of mechanisms posited in contemporary neuroscience.

In contrast, K63-linked type (B) mainly produced in the shoot apex resists proteasome-dependent degradation.

Os OTUB1 has a deubiquitinating activity for the K63-linked poly-Ub, which promotes the production of K48-linked Ub-IPA1/Os SPL14 and consequently, leads to the degradation of IPA1/Os SPL14.

The present work is motivated by the conviction that this puzzle will be solved by elucidating the neural mechanisms that mediate the cognitive capacities that are distinctive of intentional agency.

Two main obstacles stand in the way of developing such a project, which are both manifestations of a widespread sentiment that, as Jerry Fodor once put it, “notions like computational state and representation aren’t accessible in the language of neuroscience”. Randy Gallistel has argued extensively that the mechanisms posited by neuroscientists cannot function as representations in an sense, since they allegedly cannot be manipulated by the computational operations required to generate structurally complex representations.

Overexpression of Os UBC13 also induced the NPT phenotypes, whereas its knockdown plants showed similar phenotypes with Os OTUB1 overexpressors.

The involvement of Os OTUB1 in the NPT architecture was confirmed by the following observations.

Reasons are widely held to be mediated by mental representations, but it is notoriously difficult to understand how the intentional content of mental representations could causally explain action.

Thus there is a puzzle about how to ‘naturalize’ intentional agency.

Audio mastering produces a so-called of a record, that is, a finished version of a record optimized for duplication and distribution via available formats (i.e, vinyl LP, audio cassette, compact disc, mp3, wav, and so on).

This musical process plays a crucial role in determining how records finally sound, and it is not, as is so often inferred in research, the sole concern of a few technicians working in isolated rooms at a record label's corporate headquarters.

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Unlike the semi-dwarf plants of the Green Revolution report a gene involved in the NPT architecture.

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