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Bucharian and muslim and dating

PATHAN'S HISTORY, ARTICLES, PESHAWAR PICTURES, NEWS, VIEWS, MUSIC.SECULARISM---- "A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary.Sharkhbun is the ancestor of the western Afghans, namely the Abdalis now known as the Durranis and the kindred tribes, while kharshbun, of the eastern Afghans tribes of the Peshawar valley and the adjacent mountains to the north, are known as the Yusafzais (including the mandanr branch), the Muhammadzais.The above story is also given "tareekh-e-Peshawar" written by Gurdas Pal.The uniqueness of their customs, traditions and folk-tales have attracted a horde of writers, both local and foreign, to write books about them.Who are Pakhtuns, Pathans or Afghans, is a question answered by different ethnologist, historians and scholars at different times and with different viewpoints.Sawal was the descendant of Yahuda s/o Hazrat Yaqub alaihis-salam in 5th generation who had six sons, two of them being Armia and barkhia.

It conducts and control their lives, behavior and discipline from times immemorial.

The account as given above is written by namiatullah haravi in 'makhzan-i-Afghani' during the times of emperor jehangir.

It is also referred to by Olaf caro in his book "the Pathans" as under:"The prophet lavished all sort of blessings upon them and having ascertained the name of each individual, and remarked the Qais was a Hebrew name, whereas they themselves were Arabs, he gave Qais the name of Abdur Rashid and observed further that being the posterity of Malik, it was quite proper and just that they should be called Malik likewise...

After the death of Sawal, the kingdom came into the hands of king Dawood who appointed Afghan as commander of the army and Asif, as consultant for the state affairs.

They maintained these posts under king Suleman also.

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Led by Qais (a decedent of king Sawal in thirty seventh generation), a delegation met the holy prophet at medina and was greatly impresses by the new faith.