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Humour is often derived from Borat being a foreigner and having strange customs, thoughts and behaviour. Borat hates Gypsies and Jews, especially "the ones who suck blood." The Borat character first appeared in short clips on F2F - The Granada Talk TV Show that Cohen presented in 1996-1997.Borat was born on July 30, 1972, in the fictional village of Kuzcek, Kazakhstan, to Asimbala Sagdiyev and Boltok the town rapist (who is also his mother's father).The movie was distributed by 20th Century Fox, and directed by Larry Charles.

On November 9, 2006, the Russian Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography issued an opinion, citing "it could offend viewers in relation to certain ethnic groups and religions." The movie expanded its release on the second weekend to 2,566 screens, where it took in an additional million.The "Guides" to "English Gentlemen", "Politics" and "Sport" were also filmed at this time but released later as part of Ali G DVDs.A special shown on the E4 launch night (UK) in January 2001 known as "The Best of Borat".Six Borat sketches were shown: "Wine Tasting", "Politics", "Country Music", "Hobbies", "Buying a House" and "Jobs" (careers).A "Guide to Hunting" was filmed but only aired in the UK because it bothered animal rights people in America.

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In his spare time, he enjoys playing ping pong, sunbathing while wearing a lime green "mankini", disco dancing, spitting, sitting on comfortable chairs, and taking pictures of women while they "make toilet".