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I do not intend to defend a certain set of rules, or refute any.Neither will I pretend like I have the best advice, since I am not even married.4) Is the teen unwavering when it comes to dating one who demonstrates ‘Christ-like’ behavior? The boy came in and met your parents; he paid for dinner; and you were home by p.m.

“Dating is a crucial part of the teen years,” writes Shannon Perry.

Honor does not always mean doing exactly what they want, although it does many times. In this case, honoring your parents means valuing their opinions, advice, and rules.

Remember, more than likely they have dated at least once before.

So here goes: Your quality and purpose of life is not determined by whether or not you date or get married.

Always pursue God and health (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and you will be fine.

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If you meet someone who you want to do life with or that God is laying on your heart to pursue romantically, then you will still be fine.

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