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Bob jones university interracial dating policy

Yet, to say anything against BJU and its practices often leads to severe personal attacks or stony silence from its defenders.The remainder of this report details the evidence of BJU's compromise with the world, all the while claiming to be fundamentalist separatists (or now merely, "Preservationists"): (1) : On the cover of the Spring 1992 issue of the BJU Review is a picture of black belt karate master and senior at BJU, Jim Pitts, in full karate garb, Bible open, giving the "invitation," while the rest of the members of BJU's "Champions for Christ karate team" are kneeling in prayer by their cinder-block bricks. Pitts breaking four bricks with his right arm, while the other team members are watching, with Bibles open." The liberals believe they are preserving their unorthodox beliefs that have been take and "perverted" by today's conservatives.(Source: March-April 2002, Foundation magazine, pp. 39 & 41.) - BJU claims that, "The student who comes to BJU can be certain that every aspect of University life has Jesus Christ at its center, and the Bible as its foundation." To the contrary, creeping neo-evangelicalism at BJU under its founder has become a compromising gallop under his grandson, thereby requiring any true fundamentalist to separate from Bob Jones University.At the Tower of Babel, God used language to disrupt man's plans for a one-world government.As a result of this disruption, the people were scattered, and the races were polarized.This is Bob Jones' version of the right-to-life pirouette about whether a woman who gets an abortion should be prosecuted for murder.) Bob Jones University's policy regarding interracial dating is more of an opposition to the rebellious and defiant antichrist spirit of the promoters of one-worldism than to interracial dating itself.

- Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, was founded as a "whites-only" Bible College in College Point, Florida (near Panama City) in 1927 by "fundamental evangelist" Bob Jones Sr. claimed that "God is the author of [racial] segregation," and that if you are against it, "then you are against God Almighty" [4/17/60 radio address, Is Segregation Scriptural? [Other "businesses" conducted by Bob Jones University include "Christian" film production through Unusual Films; the BJU Press with its "Christian" school textbook, music, and video divisions; and LINC, the Live Interactive Network Classroom, which broadcasts from the campus five days each week to traditional and home schools throughout the nation.] - BJU has long promoted itself as a bastion of Bible Christianity. God's special place for you.' While the University has grown, our educational philosophy and religious beliefs have not changed.One thing is clear: God wanted a divided world, not a federalized world.Based on this biblical account (Genesis 10 and 11), the University wishes to give God the benefit of any doubt and avoid pursuing any direction that would give assistance to the renewed efforts of man to create a one-world community consisting of one religion, one economy, one government, and one race.Later, Bob III claimed that the school had never been opposed to admitting blacks, but only opposed to interracial dating/marriage. See the 1982 booklet by Jon Zens, Segregation or Scripture? However, due to the more worldly nature of the curriculum at BJU, the majority of those now earning undergraduate degrees shun the "ministerial professions" to go into the fields of business, education, law, medicine, music, speech, art, cinema, radio and television, and home economics. There are currently more than 100 academic majors from which undergraduates can choose (with another 50 majors for graduate students).

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He recently wrote a brief column in the Spring 2002 issue of the BJU Review in which he calls upon Biblical fundamentalists to consider abandoning the term fundamentalist.