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Walking over to the front desk, he gave a quick turn around to see if he spotted Larry. ""Your brother came earlier for the gym," explained the clerk"It's in the morning. " Before the clerk could say a word, he already started towards it.

As he made it to the center of the long, wide hallway, Laurent could hear music. Got'damn it, Larry," fussed Laurent as he continued walking down the hall.

I was gonna give it back," she explained"Nah, no worries.

It's a good luck band, the one you gave as a gift a while ago."D'amieeh tried to hide the smile that was stretching across her face, "Wow, I thought you got rid of it beings it wasn't much help that one battle you and your brother had."Before Larry responded, Laurent busted back in the door, "Damn it, Larry, come on.""I'm right here. Trying to avoid him, she started to walk slower, falling behind the boys.

He looked around the small space, "What the his shit," he mumbled picking up Larry's cell phone, "Where did he...," Just before he turned towards the door, he notice two people laying on the floor in the darkest part of the room. Lau squatted over his brother shaking his head with a side smirk on his face.

Laurent slowly walked over and noticed Larry curled up with some chick. "Larry, wake up," he said as he softly tapped him on the side of his face. ""Just get out."Laurent started walking to the door shaking his head giggling, "Hurry up. You guys never really said anything to me, well except that one time you came to my hotel room to see if I was cool but..."Larry leaned her upright, "Let's talk, let's talk fareal."D'amieeh looked concerned, thinking she was about to hear bad news.

Black Books are part of the Dragonborn DLC and lend perks to Skyrim characters.

Each book has 3 perks to choose from and are generally geared to aid in different ways in order to offer each class something new and useful.

Below is the complete list of Black Books along with links to walk-throughs for obtaining them and the rewards they each offer.As she entered her room, she got a surprise sitting on her bed."Bitch! If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.I want to know everything that happened between you and Larry. " she questioned as she snatched up her pants from Larry's side."It takes no time.Shit already on my timeline," he explained, "Wait a minute," he said while trying to take Dami's pants out her hand."Larry, come on.

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Laurent still having a big grin on his face, he managed to break the awkward moment. " Larry gave Laurent a nudge, twisting up the side of his face. Dami, shook her head, trying to cover her face from Laurent.